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Coming home to nature means bringing the deep peace and satisfaction of the living world into your daily life. The rich, cycling sensory stimulation of nature is essential to your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Sunshine, flowing water, plants, and animals nourish you in tangible ways.

Buildings and cities rarely meet these needs, so we tend to think of nature as “out there”—at least an hour’s drive away—but it doesn’t have to be that way. By understanding what your body and soul need from the world around you, you can make changes to revitalize your everyday life—starting right where you live.

Is this self-centered indulgence? Far from it.The changes I suggest are also good for the web of life. Nature’s like that: all the pieces fit together, including you.

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Hi, I’m Carol Venolia. I became curious about the best environments for human beings many years ago. Whether I looked at optimal light, sound, color, vista, heating, or cooling, the same pattern emerged: We thrive when we experience the rich textures of the living world and the natural elements.

The problem is that buildings usually cut us off from that lush, pulsing world. But it turns out we are not trapped.

In my quest to understand how to have the best of nature and indoor living, I became an architect and spent over twenty years designing homes that nurture people and the planet via natural lighting, heating, and cooling and the joys of garden rooms.

I also brought my insights to a wider audience by:

  • writing two books:
    • Healing Environments: Your Guide to Indoor Well-Being (1988, Tenspeed/Celestial Arts), and
    • Natural Remodeling for the Not-So-Green House (Sterling/Lark, 2006, with Kelly Lerner).
  • penning the “Design for Life” column in Natural Home & Garden Magazine for over 9 years;
  • giving lectures and workshops all over North America;
  • heading up a college program in Ecodwelling.

Through these activities, I’ve learned a lot about people’s hunger for nature.

Come Home to Nature focuses my decades of experience onto bringing you the deep, rejuvenating joys of Mother Nature, without giving up the comforts of home. Join me on a journey back to life.