Do any of these sound like you?

  • You want to be surrounded by rich, natural materials in your home
  • You love to hear birds singing and watch butterflies flit around, and you want to attract more of them to your yard or balcony
  • Outdoor living spaces intrigue you, but you don’t know where to start
  • You dream of remodeling your home into an eco-paradise
  • You’re an apartment dweller, yet you want to experience nature every day
  • You want to design a new home that’s a natural paradise
  • The idea of nourishing your senses while doing good for the whole earth thrills you

Did something stir inside when you read that list? If so, I invite you to fill out an application for a free exploration session. We’ll talk about what your body and soul long for from your surroundings, and how we can work together—long distance or in person—to transform your home into a haven of sensory nourishment and ecological wholeness.

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It feels good just to know I’m not crazy for thinking my surroundings affect me deeply! Now I not only have more energy, but a deeper sense of trust in myself.

Before I consulted with Carol, I felt stuck in a home we couldn’t justify selling. Now I have many ways to connect with nature, and I notice benefits all the time: I’m calmer, which my husband appreciates; I feel more peaceful and more connected to my home, where I used to feel anxious and frustrated; and I feel a deepening awareness of nature in my life, including nature’s cycles within me and around me.

Any time I start to feel stressed or out of touch with myself, I go sit in my ‘tree-gazing room’—a delicious idea Carol and I came up with together. Just walking past it makes me smile, and I feel deep peace and connection when I sit there and look at the trees. I take business calls there now, and my clients feel my relaxation, creativity, and groundedness.
~ Jenifer Yost, Certified Life Coach and creator of Lunchtime Life Support

Carol’s coaching has helped me revive my senses—and use them to bring me back from stress and overwhelm.

Thanks to several simple changes Carol coached me on, I am falling asleep more easily, and can more quickly connect to a calm feeling. I even attribute her work as part of helping overcome my attachment to perfectionism!
~ Dorothy Jantzen, Flex Your Joy Fitness