EBOOK: Get Back to Nature without Leaving Home

Are you ready to start feeling better right away, with a modest investment of time and money? This ebook/workbook will introduce you to the basic concepts of coming home to nature, engaging you in exercises to personalize your journey.

As you move through this book, you will learn how to:

  • Improve your mood, health, and productivity
  • Sleep more deeply and awaken more refreshed
  • Recognize ways in which you’ve fallen out of synch with nature, and get back in balance
  • Understand your physical senses and your body’s rhythms, and what they need from your surroundings so that you can thrive
  • Identify what you resonate most with in nature—and how to bring more of that into your daily life

If you are a renter, if you’re a homeowner with no plans to alter your home and yard, or if you just want to start your journey with some easy steps, this book is for you. You’ll find plenty of ways to easily change your surroundings and your habits to bring your everyday life into greater harmony with nature.
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Now I start my day with more clarity and calm.

Since learning from Carol, I’m more aware of trees, birds, and weather conditions in my urban neighborhood. I watch the trees and notice which way the wind is blowing. I notice how birds behave: they’re more active and vocal when the sky is clear, and I miss the geese after they fly south. My peaceful window of time in the morning helps me start my day with more clarity and calm, and walking home from work at night I enjoy gazing at the beautiful night sky and the changing moon.
~ Cheryl Henson D’Allesandro

I feel refreshed and empowered!

I used to have insomnia, but then Carol taught me how light affects sleep. I changed my bedtime lighting and habits, and soon I was falling into a deep, peaceful sleep every night. I also changed my waking-up habits. Now I’m not nearly as groggy as I used to be. I really get that my body needs a relationship with natural cycles of light and dark!
~ Jennifer Ballinger