FULL-COLOR PRINT BOOK: Natural Remodeling for the Not-So-Green House

This unique book shows you how to look differently at your home and the gifts of your site and climate, helping you get your heat and light from the sun, cooling from shade and breezes, water from the sky, and sensory nourishment from the earth.

Hundreds of color photos and case studies from a range of climates will inspire your creativity. You’ll find tips for identifying easy projects while planning for more complex ones. You’ll also find design guidance, help in selecting green materials, pointers for avoiding hazards, and advice on how to stay on track during construction.

A GREAT book, a great concept, a great buy.

The concepts of using-what-you-have and starting-where-you-are are liberating to those of us who can neither afford nor wish to spend a million dollars on a new, ‘environmentally appropriate’ dwelling. Thanks to Carol Venolia and Kelly Lerner, I can now stand on my front porch, look around, and make responsible plans for the future.
~ Ray Lane Aldrich, homeowner

The authors have made a complex topic interesting and enjoyable.

Whatever your goals, lifestyle or budget, you will find helpful ideas to achieve your green remodel.”
~ Mike O’Brien, City of Portland Green Building Specialist

I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate this book. Natural Remodeling can change your perspective on life.

In a world where green building is about materials and certifications and sometimes complex engineering, Carol and Kelly bring us simple things we can do to bring our existing homes and ourselves into greater harmony with the natural environment. This book goes beyond saying “bring in the sun for natural light”; it actually shows a diagram of the sun’s changing path in relation to a house throughout the year, a chart of qualities of sunlight from different directions, and step-by-step instructions on how to best bring the sun into your home (or shade it out).

Natural Remodeling is full of the kind of important tips that come from actually doing what you are writing about. For example, Carol’s “climate rose” neatly sums up all the climate data for a site in a single diagram—directions of prevailing winds, winter storms, and the sun’s path—so this information is at your fingertips when making design decisions.
~ Debra Lynn Dadd, author of Toxic Free