emblem_SBA_logo_transparent copySustainable building is changing. Do you want to gain a competitive edge in the green job market? You can distinguish your career with this comprehensive training in green building and sustainable development.

Come Home to Nature, Green Home Institute, Earth Advantage, BuildingGreen, HeatSpring, NESEA, and many of the industry’s top thinkers are teaming up to relaunch the Sustainable Building Advisor (SBA) Program. The course launches in Fall 2015 with room for just 30 professionals. (click to learn more about becoming an SBA)  

Sustainable Building Advisors are architects, planners, builders, engineers, consultants, and building operators who value resilience, whole system thinking, and sustainable practices.

In this course, you’ll meet great people, master new skills, and learn to see buildings in a new way. The course culminates with a capstone that offers real-world project experience.

Carol Venolia 3Better still, you have the opportunity to work with Carol Venolia in the Project Experience portion of the program. If you want to create places that grow out of the site and climate, looking to the sun for heat and light, getting cooling from shade and breezes, and reconnecting dwellers with the living world, this is your field program. Architect Carol Venolia will provide life-centered, place-based coaching for the design and documentation process.

Becoming a Sustainable Building Advisor (SBA) is a three-step process:

  1. Core Curriculum, including full membership at and instruction from some of the world’s top sustainability experts.
  2. Project Experience, delivered within your local community by an approved field provider. – View a List of Current Providers
  3. Exam, which can be taken any time, at your own computer.

Registration includes full 1-year membership at You’ll use BuildingGreen’s tools, research, and data as part of your core SBA learning experience. Read more about each SBA program component.

Here are 7 powerful FREE tools and lectures you can start on right now (take special note of #4):

  1. Free Tool: Sustainable Building Advisor Student Guide
  2. Free Tool: Sustainable Building Advisor (SBA) Practice Test
  3. Free Lecture: “Integrative Design Process” with Bill Reed
  4. Free Lecture: “Life-Centered Design” with Carol Venolia
  5. Free Lecture: “Electrical Loads in High Performance Buildings” with Chris Calwell
  6. Free Lecture: “Low Carbon Building” with Bruce King
  7. Free Lecture: “High Performance Building Assemblies” with Peter Yost

Sustainable Building Advisor Program Starts October 19th!